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Let's get concrete about the sustainable development in the Mediterranean

February 14, 2020

During the second week of February, CENER21 was pleased to participate at the kick-off meeting of the Interreg MED Green Growth project, that we will be working on for the next two years. Kick-off meeting was held in the Catalan city of Vic, at the University of Vic, with purpose to meet with the project partners and discuss future collaboration and prospects.


The Horizontal Project (HP) Green Growth is conceived to support 14 Modular Projects, all counting towards the Green Growth goals which are supposed to act as a community of projects, promoting sustainable development by fostering innovation through an integrated and territorial cooperation approach. It is to build upon achievements of the first phase HP SYNGGI and will further maximise the transnational replicability and capitalization potential of results. The project will last until June 2022 and will promote sustainable development in the Mediterranean based on the sound management of the natural resources by enhancing cross-sectoral innovation practices and taking into account the effects on the labour market by promoting social inclusion and green jobs.


MED Green Growth comes as a second phase after the success of SYNGGI, the first phase of the Interreg MED Green Growth project which lasted for three years, starting in 2016 and successfully completing in 2019.


During the two productive days of the kick-off meeting, partners introduced their organizations and their role in the Green Growth project. Finally, the working packages were discussed and presented.


The HP Green Growth consortium counts among itself partners with distinct expertise, both in the technical, managerial and communication aspects of the challenges ahead and with extensive experience in projects related to innovation and green economy. The consortium covers an extensive area of the Interreg MED cooperation area with two partners based in Spain – Revolve and Beta, one partner from France  – ANIMA, one from Italy  – CUEIM, one from Greece – Dynamic Vision, ERRIN from Belgium and CENER21 from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


CENER21 will work on capitalization strategy, mainstreaming and strategic liaising together with other partners and will be in charge for the organization of the thematic transnational events in the Balkan region. CENER21’s area of working will be in the Mediterranean parts of Western Balkan – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. Our organization is very honored to be part of this partnership between Mediterranean countries and we look forward to all the opportunities and knowledge this project may bring.


After the kick-off meeting, members of the Green Growth community also got to enjoy the picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean Spain and the historical sites of the city of Vic. Visits to the old Roman temple and the city’s cathedral, together with a delicious serving of food in a local restaurant made for a beautiful trip in its own right.






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