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Fighting food waste using circular economy

February 6, 2019

Waste throughout the food system in Canton Sarajevo causes serious ethical and environmental problems. Around 2000 to 3000 tons of food are wasted annually as a surplus of catering facilities in Sarajevo. The food which is thrown away or wasted eventually ends up on waste dump Smiljevići near Sarajevo. At the same time, 51% of people in Sarajevo belong to vulnerable groups of our society.


Vulnerable groups of our society in Sarajevo are staying hungry whilst at the same time, enormous amounts of food are being discarded. How food waste and food insecurity can coexist?

Citizens’ group and initiative Tanjir više offered a novel approach to food redistribution to reduce food waste and practice food donation to prevent food lost. Project tackled the food waste issue, it helped people who are facing food insecurity and at the same time, it was an environmentally innovative and responsible solution. CENER 21 recognized and supported citizens’ group Tanjir više and initiated activities on reducing food waste in Canton Sarajevo.

The social movement Tanjir više and this project engaged all actors of the food waste cycle to become part of the solution and it regrouped restaurants, bakeries and connected various stakeholders: Mrvica Cafe Bakery, Cafe & Restaurant Manolo, Maison Coco Sarajevo, Malak Regency Hotel Concept, The Brew Co., Reuff restaurant & cafe, Milkman house, Kids Land, Public Institution Sarajevo, Cultural Center "Kralj Fahd", Sarajevo HEIS, Institute for Hydrotechnical Technology Sarajevo, “Tanjir više” Sarajevo, Level Up Media & Education Consulting Ministry of Programming City of Sarajevo - city administration.


This initiative provided safe and effective redistribution of surplus fresh food, that would otherwise be thrown away, to people in need, elderly and disabled people, migrants and other vulnerable groups of society. Redistribution of surplus food was a solution to fight hunger and environmental issue, at the same time.


At the end of January 2019, the final event promotion of the project Tanjir više" was held in Sarajevo. The results achieved during the period from August to December 2018 were officially presented. 


Event participants had the opportunity to learn about the food waste problem in the world and about the best practices for redirecting food surpluses and impressive project results were presented. For just 4 months, over 3000 kg of food has been diverted to the most vulnerable citizens’ categories.


Also, a very interesting discussion was held, where kitchen chefs and hotel owners from Sarajevo (hotel Bosnia, hotel Ibis styles and Superfood catering) shared their good practice of preventing the emergence of food waste when organizing events, preparing and serving food.


At the end of the event, the most active donors and committed volunteers of the Tanjir više initiative received certificates for their selfless contribution to the project.


Initiative suggests that we should change our habits and together we can prevent food waste and food insecurity.


The project was supported by the Government of Canton Sarajevo and the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of Canton Sarajevo made the realization of this project possible.





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