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Revision of NBSAPs and Establishment of Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) and Capacity Development for the Integration of Global Environmental Commitments Into National Policies and Development Decision Making (CCCD)

Project is consisted of two main parts. First part includes preparing the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) and ensuring that this Strategy is mainstreamed into the planning process and activities of all sectors whose activities can have an impact (positive or negative) on biodiversity. The Strategy states that the framework for a Clearing House Mechanism (CHM), which is a portal for exchange of information on biodiversity, is established. Establishment of this mechanism promotes and facilitates scientific and technical cooperation, knowledge sharing and information exchange as well as being one of the main indicators for the efficiency of the Strategy in BiH.


Second part is to engage stakeholders and support the development of the full project document for the GEF Medium-sized Project „Capacity Development for the Integration of Global Environmental Commitments into National Policies and Development Decision Making in BiH“ (CCCD). The preparation phase is used to foster cooperation and commitment to its implementation and to obtain public, political, institutional and financial support. 

Type of services provided

The main project activities:

  1. Developing content for the CHM in cooperation with the appointed CHM National Focal Point and in line with main objectives of the CHM;

  2. Organizing meetings and workshops for awareness raising at federal and state levels. At least two workshops for different stakeholders, including decision makers, private sector, NGO and local community representatives;

  3. Production of awareness raising material in the field of biodiversity and the NBSAP implementation;

  4. Preparation of reports (meeting reports, final report and financial report);

  5. Facilitating transparent interaction with all local/national stakeholders.