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Towards Strengthening Conservation Planning In South-Eastern Europe

The overall objective of the Project is to strengthen the implementation of conservation standards in South-Eastern Europe by supporting institutional development and creating a regional platform for nature conservation planning.

The Project addresses nature conservation issues and priorities in the region, and target nature conservation authorities responsible for designing national conservation systems. At the regional level, it aims at establishing a network of state authorities and conservation agencies. This network plays a pivotal role in defining priority issues, sharing knowledge and experience among relevant stakeholders within and beyond the region. At a national level, this Project helps to define and implement conservation priorities and communicate them across various sectors.

Type of services provided

Activities that are included in the Project are:

  • Assessment of the state of nature conservation system. The document covers all the main aspects of a national nature conservation system, such as legal, institutional, or financial framework, protected areas, human resources and financing, international conventions, etc.

  • Preparation of national nature conservation priorities – review and analysis of existing priorities from the relevant national strategies and policy documents, as well as global and regional processes countries have committed themselves to (e.g. the Big Win priorities).

  • Assessment of needs and gaps for the capacity building programme.