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Action for food waste reduction in Canton Sarajevo: One plate more

According to research performed at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Sarajevo in 2014, 2000 to 3000 tonnes of food waste is created in restaurants, hotels and catering services in Canton Sarajevo. Total amount of food waste is disposed at the landill Smiljevići. One of the strategic goals of waste management plan for Canton Sarajevo 2015 – 2020 is the reduction of waste for the final disposal using resources more efficiently. In June 2018, , informal group of citizens started an initiative „One plate more“ with the aim to prevent the surplus food wasting and to donate the food to people in need. Through this project, CENER21, in cooperation with informal citizens' group will work on initiative promotion among target groups and beneficiaries. This way, a networks of partners will expand and donated amount of food to the people in need will increase.

General objective:

  • Contribute to food waste reduction arised from restaurants, hotels and catering services in Canton Sarajevo

Specific objectives:

  • To promote „One plate more“ initiative among target groups (restaurants, hotels, catering services) and their beneficiaries (embassies, international organizations, companies, citizens;

  • To redirect a minimum of 200 kg/month towards poor and marginalized people with a tendency of progressive growth of total food donated.

Project activities

The project encompasses four main activities as follows:

  • Promotion of the initiative “One plate more” -  promotional material preparation (flyers, stickers for vehicles and objects, T-shirts, notes), radio commercial,  establishing cooperation with new partners (list creation, meetings, agreements)

  • Implementation of activities related to food surplus collecting – collecting and redirecting of food surplus towards people in need by using established volunteer network, collecting and distribution scheme

  • Project results promotion – CENER website and Facebook page, Tanjir više Facebook page, online and printing media

  • Project reporting