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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

CENER21 works closely with national governments in SEE to support them in accessing and understanding climate technologies. Our experts have practical experience in industrial applications and can provide strategic and conceptual advice on appropriate climate technologies. The organization also has a successful track record in identifying and developing fundable projects or programmes in the area of climate change mitigation. More...

We find ways...

Our Goals - ultimate goal is to help build societies that responsibly manage their natural resources

We work towards this goal by:​

  • contributing technical expertise

  • disseminating results of applied research

  • support building local capacities

  • expanding our network of partners

Our Message

We at CENER21 believe that people gathered around a common goal, approaching each other in good will and trusting in humanity’s greatest strength - the ability of human beings to create and change their surroundings based on ideas, imagination and passion - is the driving force of today, enabling permanent changes towards the future we envision for ourselves as individuals and as members of our societies.

CENER21 has realized a number of projects that have had a great impact on society and the environment
  • 2017. ECO KARST - ecosystem services of karst protected areas - driving force of local sustainable development (Interreg Danube Transnational Programme)

  • 2017. Support to the Republic of Uzbekistan in accessing the Green Climate Fund (UNEP)

  • 2017. Assisting developing countries in transition process to lower-carbon and climate resilient societies: District Energy System in Cities  - Banja Luka (GEF)

  • 2016. Expansion of Protected Area System in Bosnia and Herzegovina: 8 new protected areas (UNEP)

  • 2014. Public awareness on Solid Waste Management raised in 6 bh. regions (World Bank and SIDA)

  • 2014. National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for BiH development and Clearing House Management Establishment (UNEP/GEF)

  • 2013. World Environment Day in Sarajevo: Think. Eat. Save (UNEP)

  • 2007. Succesfully implemented BISE process in BiH (Energie Cities)

News and Activity

Reducing food waste in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

As of August 2018, CENER21 initiated activities on reducing food waste in Canton Sarajevo. More...

2nd workshop with project stakeholders held in Bijambare Protected Landscape

On September 21, 2018, a second workshop with stakeholders was held in Bijambare. More...